Legal or Non-Legal Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity Testing

Prenatal DNA Testing


Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity Testing (NIPP Testing)

Orlando’s Most Accurate and Affordable Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity Test

At 99DNA Testing, we understand that pregnancy can be a time filled with questions and uncertainties, especially when it comes to paternity. Knowing who the baby’s father is can provide peace of mind and help you make important decisions for your future. That’s why we offer noninvasive prenatal paternity testing (NIPP testing), a safe and reliable way to determine paternity before the baby is born. Our process ensures that both the mother and the baby are completely safe, as it only requires a simple blood sample from the mother and a cheek swab from the alleged father. This means you can get the answers you need without any risk to your pregnancy.

The 99DNA Difference

Why Choose Our Non-Legal and Legal Prenatal DNA Testing?

Accredited and Certified

We are a team of professionals accredited and certified in legal and nonlegal prental DNA collection procedures, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We prioritize your privacy and ensure that your information and your collection remains confidential and secure throughout the testing process.

Bilingual Support

Our team is bilingual in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, so that all customers receive clear communication and understanding.

Mobile Testing and After-Hours

With today’s busy schedules, we understand the need for convenience and flexibility. We offer flexible appointment options, including after-hours and mobile collections.

Quick and Efficient

Our simple collection process and noninvasive procedures ensure minimal hassle and quick results, providing you with the answers you need as quickly as possible.

What Makes Our Prenatal DNA Tests Safe and Reliable?

Our prenatal DNA tests are designed with your safety and peace of mind in mind. We use a noninvasive method that involves taking a simple blood sample from the mother and a cheek swab from the alleged father. This process ensures that the baby stays completely safe because there’s no need for any risky procedures. The blood sample from the mother contains the baby’s DNA, which we can analyze without any harm. This method is both safe and highly accurate, giving you the clear answers you need without any worry.

What is Chain of Custody in Prenatal DNA Testing?

Chain of custody is a crucial part of our process that ensures your samples are handled with the highest level of care and security. From the moment we collect the samples to the final delivery of results, we carefully track every step.

This means we document who handles the samples, how they’re transported, and how they’re stored. This careful tracking prevents any mix-ups or tampering, guaranteeing that your results are reliable and accurate. You can trust that our process maintains the integrity of your samples from start to finish, giving you confidence in the results you receive.

How Much Does a Prenatal DNA Test Cost?

Our noninvasive prenatal paternity test starts at $1,595.

We offer payment options including paying in full with credit card, Zelle or transfer, or installments using AfterPay. There are no hidden fees or surprises.

How Long Does it Take to Get Prenatal DNA Test Results?

We understand you need answers quickly. Our prenatal DNA test results are typically ready in 7 to 10 business days from sample collection. This time may vary depending on sample quality and lab workload.

You can count on our team to handle your prenatal DNA test quickly and carefully. We know how important it is to get answers fast, and we work hard to give you results you can trust as soon as possible.

Accredited Lab Testing

Guaranteed High-Quality and Accurate Results

Our partnership with a leading US laboratory ensures that your samples are in expert hands. We work with a trusted laboratory renowned for its accuracy and reliability. Holding accreditations from prestigious organizations such as CAP, CLIA, and AABB, our laboratory ensures the highest quality standards, guaranteeing high-quality and accurate results for our clients.

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