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Providing 99.99% Accurate Paternity Testing

99DNA Testing offers the highest quality Paternity DNA testing with AABB, ISO, CLIA and ACLASS accredited testing. We are experienced, knowledgeable and go above and beyond to answer your questions and accommodate your needs for your unique situation. DNA testing is administered with a non-invasive buccal swab (the collection of DNA from the cells on the inside of a person’s cheek). A buccal swab is 99.99% accurate and is the preferred specimen by the laboratory to submit DNA cells.

Legal DNA Paternity

A legal DNA test is a DNA test that is admissible in court. Many circumstances like adoption, death, child support, estates and other legal matters require a legal DNA test. A court-admissible DNA test requires the use of a chain of custody form. This document ensures that the DNA test was accurately collected and reported and the specimen was not manipulated in any way. Valid forms of identification and a birth certificate is required in order to administer a DNA test.

Informational DNA Paternity

Do you want the truth for your own personal peace of mind? An informational DNA test is a DNA test for personal use with 99.99% accurate results; however, it is not admissible in court. An informational DNA test only requires a valid form of identification and a specimen collection from all involved parties. If you anticipate needing a court-admissible DNA test in the future, we highly recommend choosing our legal DNA test service.

At Home DNA Test

Whether the child is out-of-state and it is more cost-effective to travel to them or you prefer to collect the specimen at home for privacy reasons, we can accommodate your needs with an at-home DNA test. With our at-home DNA test kit, you can collect a DNA specimen yourself; however, it can not be used for legal purposes. Once the specimen is collected, bring it back to us and we will ensure it is sent to the laboratory for a 99.99% accurate DNA test.

Paternity with a Deceased Father

At 99DNA, we are not only compassionate about your circumstance, we will handle your case with the expertise and care it requires. A paternity DNA test with a deceased father can be administered with a blood card provided by the medical examiner, coroner, or mortician and we will collect DNA samples with a buccal swab from the child. Additional legal documentation is required in addition to a chain of custody form to ensure accuracy and permission to collect and process DNA samples.

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