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99DNA Testing goes beyond Paternity DNA testing and offers a variety of family relationship DNA tests for different circumstances. A family relationship DNA test may be required for legal reasons like immigration, guardianship, or when a father is not available to conduct a paternity DNA test. 99DNA Testing offers the highest quality Paternity DNA testing with AABB, ISO, CLIA and ACLASS accredited testing. We are experienced, knowledgeable and go above and beyond to answer your questions and accommodate your needs for your unique situation.

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A grandparentage DNA test is used to determine a child’s true, biological grandparents. A grandparents DNA test is also used to determine a child’s biological parent when the alleged father/mother is unavailable for testing. To accurately determine a child’s family lineage, 99DNA recommends that both the grandfather and grandmother are present to obtain the most accurate results; however, a grandparent DNA test can still be performed with one grandparent.


Twin Zygosity tests determine whether twins are identical or fraternal: Identical twins come from a single fertilized egg that split into two genetically identical parts; Fraternal twins, however, come from two separate eggs which are fertilized and implanted in the uterus. Though many delivering physicians try to determine whether twins are identical or fraternal at the time of birth, the best way to accurately determine this, especially if the twins are the same sex, is through a simple DNA test.


A maternity DNA Test determines whether a woman could be the biological mother of a child. Maternity DNA test results may be used in many circumstances like confirming a baby mix-up that occurred in a nursery, to prove biological relationships in an immigration case or to confirm that an adoptee has been reunited with his or her birth mother. Although a Father’s participation would help to exclude half of the child’s DNA, leaving the rest for comparison with the alleged mother, a fatherless test can still be performed with additional analysis at no additional charge.

Aunt/Uncle (Avuncular)

An Avuncular DNA test is performed with a child and his/her alleged uncle or aunt. A DNA test with an aunt or uncle is used to determine paternity or maternity by testing an alleged parent’s brother or sister. The test determines a statistical probability–an avuncular index, where less than 1.00 means no relationship exists, but where greater than 1.00, it is more likely that a biological relationship exists between aunt/uncle and niece/nephew.


A sibling DNA test concludes whether tested siblings are full or half siblings. A half siblingship is performed when two alleged siblings do not share the same biological mother but want to know if they share the same biological father. A full siblingship share the same biological mother and want to know if they share the same biological father. For accurate test results, it is best if a parent is also available for collection; however, tests can still be performed and will still be statistically accurate if a parent it not available.


An adoption DNA test can ease the legal process of an adoption by clearly establishing the child’s biological identity and eliminating any doubt or stress during the adoption process. Another important use of DNA testing is to reunite biological family members who have been separated through adoption. Adoption attorneys typically also require a DNA test to to protect the child and adoptive family from future legal complications. Adoption cases include domestic adoption or surrogate reproduction, international adoption or reunification.

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